CompTIA Linux - System architecture Questions and Answers


It's been two months now since I'm enrolled in my Udemy Linux LPIC-1 Certification Exam 101-102. Couple days ago, I have found great CompTIA Linux LPIC1 Practice Exams book, where I have tested my knowledge from System architecture, and I must say that I have answered more than 35 questions on my own, without the need to look for answer on-line. In this article, check out these 48 Linux system architecture questions and answers. 

Note: The questions above cover the exam on Linux system architecture and they are compiled after the book ComptTIA Linux+ and LPIC Pracite Test (2017) Suehring, Steve | Sybex - A Wiley Brand. I have answered the questions with my best knowledge and in case you spot incorrect answer, feel free to comment down bellow and I shall fix it. 

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