How to update tar archive in Linux?


In recent article I have written on 10 useful and practical tar command examples in Linux. But, in this article I'm going to show you how you can update tar archive by adding new files to it? 

First of all let's go and make a new archive so that we can reuse the commands we learn from the tar article. We are going to make a new archive by the name bhl1.tar on Desktop. Here's the command. 

Now our archive by the name bhl1.tar has been successfully created and it contains only one file by the name logo.png. Let us update this archive and add inside it a log.txt file. Here's the command. 

Note that above command uses the -r flag to append a file or update a previously created archive. Make sure to click on the image bellow and visit previous article on 10 tar command examples in Linux. 

Our archive has been successfully updated with a file log.txt. This is it. Now you now how to append and update your previously created tar archive in Linux. Till next time. 


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