Linux LPIC-1 Preparation report 1


It's been almost two months since I'm enrolled in my Udemy Linux LPIC-1 Certification Exam 101-102. I have dedicated my self so hard to Linux LPIC-1 preparation and in this article, check out my preparation report where did I come so far and what did I learn. 

As noted in short intro, for the Linux LPIC-1, I've been enrolled in the Udemy Linux LPIC-1 Certification Exam 101-102. The course it self is great as it teaches the most important aspects of Linux LPIC-1 exam, covering the following topics.

In general, these are the topics and areas that I have learned so far in my Linux LPIC-1 preparation.

  • What is Linux & GNU/Linux?
  • Differences between UNIX & Linux?
  • Linux boot process
  • Linux file system hierarchy
  • Linux runlevels - SysV and Systemd
  • Managing bootloader - GRUB 
  • Managing users and groups
  • Managing system processes
  • Working with environment variables
  • Working with essential commands such as pwd, ls, cp, tar, dd, tail, head, less, more, cpio, grep, rm, mkdir, touch, cat, echo, df, free, fdisk, ps, top, tr, wall,  . . . 
  • Essential package management with dpkg, apt, rpm
  • Essential Linux networking
  • Linux system architecture
  • Managing disks, partitions, memory etc

Besides the topics covered in Udemy Linux LPIC-1 course, I've been also using several very useful books and online resources such as.

This book is a very useful and recommended If you plan to take on Linux LPIC-1 and prepare you're self for the exam. These are the topics covered in this book.

For me personally I've been using the book all along my studying process because it is very useful since it describes the topics in detail covering the exams questions, objective, and the thing you need to know for the exam. 

Check out the following exam with questions and answers.

What I also do is that I take notes and write each topics important notes in my notebook, especially when it comes on commands, exams, Linux labs and other important things to remember. What I can say at the end of this first report, that I have learned a loot but there are millions of things, countless commands that I still don't know. Most important thing is that I have a steel will, that I like Linux a loot and that I'm ready for the round two. See you soon.


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